Vintage Photography: 4 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos

Vintage Photography: 4 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos

We are living in a time when the vintage style is dominating several areas: decoration, social media, and photography. This trend brings back nostalgia, romanticism, and a particular attachment to ancient times, simulating photos captured in analog cameras, with the ’80s and 90’s aesthetic.

But do you know how to take vintage photos? If you don’t know, we’re here for that. Check out the four tips that we have separated to help you make fantastic vintage photos. Come on!

Vintage Photography: 4 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos
Vintage Photography: 4 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos

Use Sepia Tones For Vintage Photography

The sepia color, also known as aged photo color, has a type of golden brown grain in its composition that gives it a perfect look for the vintage style.

Use Black And White For Vintage Photography

Although the sepia color is the best to give your photos a vintage look, it does not mean that you can do without using the classic black and white combination for your records. For the result of work, pay attention to details such as grains, imperfections, and smudges that are the ideal charm.

Vintage Photography: 4 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos
Vintage Photography: 4 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos


One of the easiest ways to create vintage images is to take that old photo of yours and scan it on your computer. This way, you’ll be able to give your pictures a significant effect in a matter of seconds! But be careful, it may be required to restore the image to bring back all the charm that this photo needs to have to be successful.

Use Applications

Several applications can serve you well to transform your photo into a vintage composition.

The Huji Cam app creates the operation of an analog camera on your smartphone screen. The images are captured with the settings familiar to those of film cameras, and still, failures in lighting are applied.

To give more fidelity to the photographs as being from old times, the program also displays an invented date of capture, initially marking the year 1998, But which can be changed in the application settings?

On the other hand, Lomography has more vintage-style filters and many effects to transform your photo into a work of art. The application can change the composition of the light, leaving the image with more aged characteristics. There is also the applicability of fake dates in catches, like the previous option.

Apart from all these four tips, you can use a vintage-style backdrop to give your image a perfect touch of vintage photos. Look at our recommendation.

4-In-1 Vintage Style Newspaper Backdrop

This newspaper backdrop is made with paper, perfect for vintage shoots, and works tremendously and ideally with the family. It is designed to work well with light and dark clothing and accessories. Besides, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor shots. It comes in two different colors, White, Yellow with dimensions of  50 x 70cm.


Use Instants, an application that simulates a Polaroid photo effect on your cell phone camera. There are several models to leave the photo in vintage style, with free and paid options.

And the resources don’t stop there. You can write a text that will be attached to the photo with a font that simulates a handwritten annotation, making your vintage photo even more realistic. The user can also change the color of the photo frame and apply light effects. Then, admire the result of your vintage photo and save it on your cell phone. And post it to social networks.

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