Unhappy Marriage Quotes For Him – My Marriage Is Over

Unhappy Marriage Quotes

Unhappy marriage quotes for him: . ‘A happy marriage is a two way street.’ ‘I don’t know if I’m capable of holding my head high and looking you in the eye when you want me to. I don’t have the courage, or the love, to stand up for my principles when it is convenient for you. You always seem to be there to help me, even when I need help myself.’

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‘I can’t believe I spent so much time and money trying to keep my marriage together. But it didn’t work and I ended up breaking up with myself because I was just wasting my time on it. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that I am worthless to her because I was never valuable to her in the first place.’ ‘If it had been possible for you to make up any kind of love for me it would have lasted only as long as it took for you to tell me that I wasn’t enough for you. If it were possible for you to do anything you wanted to me I would have said yes, but I just couldn’t do anything.’

‘The first time I tried to save my marriage I lost everything – my family, my friends, my status, my job and everything else that had brought me pleasure.’ ‘I think that in order to save your marriage you have got to realize that your husband is only doing it because he doesn’t want to lose his job and his freedom.’

‘I can see the writing on the wall: there is an unhappy marriage and it’s time you decided how to fix it. Your marriage is a two way street and it needs to stay that way. You are always there to help me but you never seem to make any progress. and you always seem to blame me whenever you feel like I have done something wrong. It is time that you stopped putting blame on each other and start taking responsibility for your actions.

‘I believe that all unhappy marriages are a result of a lack of communication. If you are not communicating with your partner, it can lead to hurt feelings, fights and arguments that go on until they die out. . Even if you think you love your spouse, it is important that you communicate with them frequently and listen to what they say.

‘Unhappy marriage quotes for him: ‘It is time that you decided that this marriage isn’t worth saving.’ ‘The time you spend together as a couple is vital. You shouldn’t have to sit around waiting for this marriage to end; you should both want your marriage to grow together and live a satisfying life.’

So which marriage quotes will you take? Find out more in Unhappy Marriage Quotes for Him – My Marriage is Over!

Happy Marriage Quotes for Him – My Marriage is Over!

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Another great part of this book was the section on being positive. This book had several quotes from famous people who have overcome adversity to get where they are today and how you can achieve the same things they did. It made me happy to read about their stories and learn a little bit about myself.

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