Troubled Marriage Quotes – Read Them To Have A Meaningful Relationship

troubled marriage quotes

Marriage is a bond which is believed to get stronger with the passage of time. The partners should bring out the best in one another by supporting and loving each other. But sometimes things do not work out as they were initially planned. A troubled marriage can be both troublesome and mentally hard for both the partners in a marriage. We have compiled some of the most beautiful quotes for those couples who are facing a troubled marriage.

Celebrities quotes on Troubled marriage

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Friedrich Nietzsche – It is not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

Ruth Bell Graham – A good marriage is the unification of two good pardoners.

Doug Larson – When the partners realize that sometimes the best comes after the nightmare then marriages lives longer.

George Clooney – We can never remain separated for more than a week because of our love.

Catherine Zeta Jonas – Every man and every woman should have their concede bathroom for their marriage to be a win. The end.

John Krasinski – Protection of your commitments is very essential before the end of the day. We just go for supper and talk but no baby talk.

Authors quotes on Troubled marriages

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Relationships should be left shattered because many times they are like chalice, if you try to assemble them back it will only hurt you – D.Love

A sturdy marriage requires loving your spouse even in those moments when they are not being loveable, means trusting them when they are scuffling to believe in themselves – Dave Willis

You treat things in different fashion when you want them to last for eternity. You shade and preserve it, never mishandle it, never expose it to elements and you don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes dull, you lovingly varnish it until it gleams like new. It becomes important because you have made so, and becomes more beautiful with the passage of time – F. Burton Howard

Marriage problems are relationship problems. They are the result of how two people interact with each other. You may desert troubled marriage, but you will still bring the way you communicate with others along with you – Mark Gungor

Inspirational Quotes on Troubled Marriage

All marriages have dark period even the great one don’t give up when you are in the valley – Michele Weiner Davis

Whenever we encounter storms in our marriage relationship we just cannot desert it. True love is all about fighting the storms of life together – Seth Adam Smith


Most people get married on the wrong assumption that marriage is a beautiful box full of surprises, happiness and fulfillment that they have longed for. In the beginning it’s an empty box which requires investment of love and care. Love is in people. Taking out more love than you put in, the box will be empty.

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