Tips For A Successful Christian Marriage – How To Make Your Marriage A Success

successful christian marriage

Lack of intimacy can have devastating effects on a marriage. The marriage bond becomes unbreakable and it eventually leads to separation.

The desire for intimacy among married Christians is what led to the formation of the Christian church. In the early centuries of Christianity, men and women became penitent, which means that they had to submit to Jesus Christ and go to Him for forgiveness. Men would also go to their pastors or religious leaders for forgiveness after committing a sin. All of these forms of intimacy created a void in the marriage between husband and wife. This void was filled with desires for sex and adultery.

Lack Of Intimacy In A Marriage

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When a couple has this lack of intimacy in a marriage, they begin to look outside of themselves to find someone who will fulfill their sexual and romantic needs. They develop a poor view of themselves and their spouse. Because of this poor view, husbands start to treat their wives as if they are nothing more than sexual objects rather than as people with whom they should have a deep and meaningful relationship. This causes many marriages to fail because of the lack of mutual love and respect between the partners.

To build a successful Christian marriage, intimacy must be achieved and expressed at its best. Jesus Christ teaches us how to achieve and express mutual love and respect between our spouses. He says in the Bible, “Spare unto thy brother” and “aunt not” (Matthew 5:12).

Willingness To Love And Respect Their Partners

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Therefore, the keys to a successful marriage include both spouses’ willingness to love and respect their partners. A true Christian husband will do what is necessary to make his wife feel loved and supported. Husbands should show their wives how much they mean to them and that they do want and need them.

The second step to building a lasting marriage bond is prayer. Both husbands and wives should pray for each other daily. Jesus Christ said that prayer helps us to remember that we are always in the company of our Lord and are always saved (Matthew 13: 36). Therefore, having daily intimacy with our spouse is important because it reminds us of our brothers and sisters in Christ. When husbands and wives pray for one another, the intimacy will grow and the bond between the two will strengthen.

Husbands Should Avoid Laziness

Lastly, husbands should avoid laziness. Laziness is a form of self-sabotage. Laziness is a form of rebellion against God because the Bible says that God wants us to preach unto the world (Matthew 4: 8). Therefore, a successful Christian marriage must have a very dedicated and fulfilled married life.

Each of these tips can be used to help couples succeed. If you put these into practice, your married life will be filled with peace, joy and intimacy. This will make it easier for you to start a successful Christian relationship. It is time that you made your marriage the best it can be.

Committed To Their Faith

The first tip is for both husband and wife to be committed to their faith. If either of them are not committed, there will be no intimacy between them. Husbands and wives should also be willing to forgive each other for any wrongdoing. If you do not want to talk about any problems you have, do not discuss them at all. You might have hurt your spouse’s feelings but it is better to leave the problem alone than to make it worse. Also, if you make a mistake, own up and be prepared to make corrections (and make sure your spouse knows what corrections you are making because he or she may have made some mistakes as well).

Another way for your marriage to become successful is by having more sex. Many Christians (especially younger ones) have a very limited view of sex. They assume that having sex means living a solitary life or having an impure mind or body. These Christians need to realize that sex is a part of the gift of sexuality given to every human being.


By having more sex, the husband and wife can strengthen their bonds with each other and with God. They can also learn to share fully and honestly with each other – knowing that they are making an investment in their married life and in God’s promise of a successful marriage. It does not take much to achieve a successful Christian marriage. All that it requires is a willingness to believe that Jesus is for you and a desire to walk in his footsteps.

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