These Funny Marriage Tips Will Make You Go Lol

funny marriage tips

Do you want funny marriage tips for your wedding? Or in the mood to give a tempering touch to your wedding function?

Funny marriage tips, quotes, funny advice for the bride or the groom on the day of their wedding- all guarantees to giggle your wedding guests. And it will be fruitful for the wedding couple to feel relaxed and ease the pressure from them amidst the wedding function.

So, glue your eyes into this guide and have a glimpse of funny marriage tips to make your day memorable and fun-filled.

List Of Funny Marriage Tips

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1. Do you know married couples who are still dating each other are staying together and they will. A plus point is, such words may put a full stop to an argument plus hide the fact that you failed to remember making dinner that you promised.

2. Please remember to put down your toilet seat. And all the women out there do not make a fuss if your husband is not saying anything.

Please understand that your husband finds it hard to show you that emotion.

3. Do not think he’s heavy if your husband farts. It is just going to happen so many times, plus one needs to live in that routine.

Also, do not think as a husband that she is miserable as she is obsessed with her nail paint colors or skin. Because that is how women and men are.

4. Remember that if you want happiness in your marriage, then never go to bed having anger.

5. It is advice that will be crazy. Also, it will surely help to put things in a particular context or perspective whenever your first argument occurs post marriage.

6. Majority disagreements between husband and wife are about something insignificant that was way out of proportion.

7. Never try to change anyone, especially your spouse as marriage is a deal, and it gets better as the marriage continues.

8. Remember these three important words, “Let’s Go Out.”

Funny Marriage Tips For Bride To Be


1. Women wish to look good for their husbands. And women always want to look beautiful in the same way as they look on the day of their wedding.

Thanks to the fading eyesight, you’ll have relief.

2. Marriage follows ‘give and take’ aspects. Give them something to eat, and in return take some time for yourself.

3. Keep your partner’s mouth shut by giving him something to eat to keep them quiet for some time.

4. Keep your man well-fed and comfortable. Recognize, a fortunate person marries the girl of his choice; similarly, a happier man always loves the girl whom he marries.

Conclusion On Funny Marriage Tips

All in all, find a way to humor in your commitment. Whether it’s healthy or funny advice for newlyweds or any saying about relationship quotes, funny marriage jokes, or marriage, it surely invites zest to the moment and heartedness.

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