The Pros And Cons of Marriages With One Significant Other

love marriage


A love marriage, like any other marriage relationship, requires commitment from both parties in order for it to succeed. A love marriage, however, is one that is driven more by the love between the two individuals, without any consideration of gender or society. It is not a good idea for married couples to have premarital sex. For both men and women, having premarital sex increases the risk of infidelity. In fact, research shows that almost fifty percent of all marriages in the United States do not end in divorce because couples have premarital sex.

Come To Fruition

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Most people enter into a marital relationship with a very clear, if not ideal, vision of how they want their relationship to work. These relationships usually mature over time with time, love, patience, and open communication. The problem with many newlyweds is that this vision does not always come to fruition, and often the couple fails to reach common ground before they begin to disagree, leading to conflict and a breakdown in the marital relationship. When this happens, a greater need for clear, honest communication is necessary in order for couples to have a better understanding of each other and devise a plan that will enhance the future of their marital relationship.

A happy love marriage, like any other marital union, is achieved when one partner decides, at some point, that they are a couple who will work together. This decision to become a couple takes both partners completely individually and with complete confidence that the decision they made will benefit both partners. However, in an arranged marriage where the marriage between both parents have made their desires known to one another, it is very easy for the marriage to be governed by fear and worry about what the other partner thinks, feels, or does.

Goal Of The Marriage

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When one of the partners decides to marry, they must know what the goal of the marriage is, and what steps will be taken to achieve that goal. While many people marry to have children, others marry for the purpose of sharing a house and a home with the same person. Others marry to raise a family, and others marry for the purpose of starting a business or pursuing a career. For whatever reason one chooses to marry, if their goal is to live as a single person, they cannot make a successful marriage unless they know what they want and the steps they are going to take to get there. This includes communicating clearly with one another and deciding on an arranged marriage ceremony so that both partners can be happy and remain committed to each other.

Governed By Feelings

Love marriages are usually governed by feelings rather than by logic or facts. Therefore, when one of the partners decides to get married, it can often be based on feelings alone, without any consideration to logical realities. Once the decision has been made, the partner often carries out the action without considering whether it is in keeping with their true emotions or the desires of the other partner. This often leads to a set of problems, especially when one of the partners divorces or remarries.

Love marriages also suffer from lack of communication. It has been found that when two individuals enter into love marriages, they fail to discuss their problems, often resulting in them never resolving them. This is because love marriages often fail because the communication between the two individuals is not open and honest. Lack of communication is a huge problem in arranged marriages. People seldom open up their feelings and discuss issues with their spouse, and this results in them never changing and sticking to the status quo.

Ending Line

Love marriages also suffer from lack of social equality. In most cases, the people who we’d do so because they are of the same or similar socio-economic status. However, when two individuals marry for the purpose of having children, this status quo may shift, leading to favoritism and some degree of social inequality. A few years ago, only the affluent could get married, but times have changed over the last few years. Nowadays, anyone with a valid marriage license can tie the knot.

Another big problem associated with love marriage and arranged marriages is the way in which both parties suffer from the emotional consequences of the situation. When an individual marries a partner who comes from a different economic, cultural or even educational background, it can lead to immense stress. These stressors can affect the mental, physical and/or emotional health of the spouse, leading to potentially damaging effects. When couples do not have the ability to function without one another, they cannot enjoy a fulfilling life.

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