The Commitment In A Relationship

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The Commitment is the home to what modern novelists call “dream vision” or dream imagery. This special love is both a daily routine and a creative outlet for some of the most intense emotions on Earth.

The Commitment

An unrecognized mad scientist, writer Paolo Anaya shows us a new world populated by perverse experiments, vivid characters, and abstract concepts. He conveys in a few words of how love and life become entangled with their own divisibility.

Marriage Is A Commitment

The Commitment
The Commitment

The entanglement is like a strong sense of being enveloped and lost in an abyss. Legal, morally, socially and psychologically, what is the marriage relationship? What is the commitment in legal and political terms?

Legal, morally, socially and psychologically, what is the marriage relationship? What is the commitment in legal and political terms?

The Commitment -Marriage Story

The Commitment
The Commitment

Marrying a man named Henry the philosopher in a fantasy world in the Commitment is a religious experience that changes both lovers and allows him to live and evolve in ways they never imagined.

A young French woman named Christine, who is the legal wife of the legal husband, goes with him into the commitment. She helps him to understand that a lot of pleasure can come from life. In fact, it’s just possible for some of us to be people of real worth.

But how are these realities represented in marriage, in dream vision if not as illusions? Marital bliss is like taking a vitamin, which may be essential. In addition, the dream world makes it possible for the commitment to appear as a religious ritual, a requirement.

In the state of commitment, both husbands and wives are often anxious to have sex with each other even though they are already having it with each other.

The illusion of an active life and a sexual life together is necessary, however, to make the process recognizable. This is why commitment is so important, precisely because it makes it possible to get married, legally.

Christine and Henry take a boat trip into a dream world in which they are both barefoot naked, walking on water, and having imaginary sex with a woman called Jules. She, in turn, does the same. They are trying to follow her instructions.

It is impossible to enter into a marriage without going through a divorce. However, instead of cheating on one’s husband, the two men commit themselves to live like Jules in the dream world for long enough to fully comprehend the failure of their marriage.


The Commitment
Just wedded

For Christine, the promise of “the best in the world, the worst of the world” is more important than that of a family. Her dream is to live a life without love, without pain, without anything.

Like the death of Henry’s dog, her true commitment is an attempt to pull one’s soul out of love.

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