The Benefits Of Eye Contact

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The Benefits Of Eye Contact

The benefits of eye contact. You might be a tad skeptical about this tip. Eye contact in keeping a relationship strong? You were probably expecting something drastic and habit-changing. But this? “Aren’t I already doing that? Naturally?” Well, just like most of us at first, we thought so. 

Here’s why eye contact should be something you proactively do in order to keep your relationship rooted deeply in each other. 

The Benefits Of Eye Contact: Eye Contact Versus Simply Looking At Your Beau 

There’s a difference? Yup. There definitely is. Simply looking at your significant other is a natural thing the body does. Eye roll. That’s what our eyes do. That’s their job. To look at people and objects, and send signals to your brains to transmit the message. 

The Benefits Of Eye Contact

But eye contact is something else. When you simply glance at your sweetheart, it’s as if you’re passing on the notion that you simply don’t have time for him or for her. That may not be a signal you were intending to pass on but it will be received in that manner. 

What’s more, psychologists say that the receiver of such action, especially when done to them constantly, are likely to feel isolated and later on, callous. 

The benefits of eye contact offer much more than you think they do. It’s building that connection and reinforcing it. And it’s letting the other person know that they’re so important to you, all your attention is always on them even in small moments like this. When people gaze at their loved ones in the eye, they’re recognizing them, telling them that they’re truly important, they’re willing to stop doing what it is they’ve been doing to sit with him or her and be… present. 

How To Do It? (Without Feeling Awkard) 

First, be proactive about it. Set a time for you and your lovey-dovey where you can sit down quietly and talk about anything under the sun. Both of you should agree to turn your phones off. For those with kids, contact your babysitter to take care of them so that you and your hubby can focus on each other.

Second, once set, sit comfortably and across one another. Be only an arm’s reach away. Or if on a square table, you can sit on one side, your date, on the connecting corner. Just remember, you should be able to face each other without having to strain your necks! 

Okay. It’s a date-date but it’s best not to have a meal together during this time. Eating will distract you from truly being in the eye-contact moment. Coffee is good. Hot chocolate, a glass of wine, you name it. But that’s it. No more than that.

Then, listen. Listen intently and gaze at your sweetheart lovingly. 

By the way, don’t stare creepily with your eyes open wide, and you, acting like a robot following orders. Let this practice stem from your love for your beau and wanting to make him or her feel it. Smile. Be natural about the entire experience. 

Third, open your hearts up to one another. Share your thoughts, express emotions, hold each other’s hands, laugh, and yet again, keep your eye contact lovingly on your hubby. 

The first, second time might feel a bit odd. After all, it’s something you may have done in the earlier stage of your relationship and simply forgot about it as you went along. Don’t worry, you can rekindle it and make this a habit until it becomes familiar and natural once again. 

Don’t wait anymore. Set a date for you and your sweetheart now.

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