Talk About Marriage – The Mandatory Discussion You Should Have

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We cannot deny the fact that moving to the part where you discuss marriage with your partner after being in a relationship for the amount of time you felt comfortable for is a huge task. It can be quite the transformation and not every couple can easily have this conversation. But if you are at a point where you have to have this conversation, you might want to read some tips as to how to talk about marriage with your partner.

How Soon Is Too Soon?

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This doubt is quite common and we would like to assure you that there is no timeline as to when you would feel the need to get married to a particular person. If you are just starting out as a couple, our advice would be to spend more time and understand the Ins and outs of the personality you are dealing with before you even think about marriage. In South Asian countries, there is a lot of pressure about getting married soon and arranged marriages are quite common in these regions. Even so, the step of trying to understand your partner before you get into a commitment is not to be skipped.

The Clarity

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When we said you don’t have to talk about marriage in the early stages of your relationship, we specify that you do not ask the exact question about your marriage. However, it is vital to have conversations about marriages to learn the opinion of the other person. There are a lot of people who fail to have this conversation to learn the opinion and get heart broken when the special someone finally reveals that they don’t believe in marriage and do not intend to get married anytime soon. Though they might not be immediately ready, it is important to know their plans and their beliefs about marriage especially if you would like to see yourself get married soon.

Starting The Conversation

In this section, we are presuming that you have put in time and effort in the relationship and you think you have been happiest with your partner and that you would like to take it to the next step. There is one specific thing about this section that most people are hesitant and this hesitation comes from the perception they have about their partner not wanting to get married immediately. You should remember that when you are having an initial discussion about planning to get married, you are not forcing any sort of timeline or not literally popping up the question. Before anything, you are wise enough to have a discussion with your partner and to connect on the topic emotionally, and see how well this can go.


You should be confident enough to deal with topics about marriage and it is most likely that you will feel this confidence when you think you know the person. Also, there are certain perspectives and they may change over time. If you have brought this discussion to the table, make sure the details are direct instead of indirect hints. Make up your mind about your partner reacting the opposite of what you are currently thinking and respect their decisions.

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