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Need to read a few marriage day quotes to spruce up your marriage? Then these marriage quotes are just what you need. With these marriage quotes, you will definitely be able to get the spark back into your marriage. Read on to get some quotes that will really touch your heart.

“When you walk down the aisle, there is only one thing on your mind and that’s love.” This beautiful couple quote was originally from a movie called Love Actually. The movie followed two happily married couples who were walking down the aisle. To portray the quote, the couple was walking in a garden, when they came across a frog.

An Overview

“A true friend is someone who would stop at nothing to help you through any problem.” Another one of my favorite marriage day quotes comes from the movie, A Few Good Men. The movie follows a lawyer, Ben Caskey, as he tries to protect his girlfriend from a man who wants to be her boyfriend. The movie ended with the true friend helping the woman to get away from the dangerous man. This quote reminds us all that true friends are always there to lend a hand if we need it.

“If you want to have a very happy married life, you should not be afraid of anything.” What about you? Are you afraid of anything in the world? How about marriage? Fear is a form of weakness, I believe. Weakness creates an obstacle between you and the things you want in life, like success and happiness.

“Stay blessed and you will stay beautiful.” One of the world marriage messages on a card reads: Stay blessed and you will stay beautiful. That is a pretty good summary of what I just wrote. Don’t let fear of failure or insecurity keep you from pursuing your dreams and making your own happy life. Keep calm and positive, and you will stay blessed and beautiful.

Sharing Happy Messages And Funny Quotes

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“FB is not a substitute for real communication. If you want to stay blessed and beautiful, FBC is definitely not for you. I hope you will please to consider that statement.”

“Keep FBC forever and always, even when things get tough. The best advice I ever received was from my husband. He said, ‘I am staying happy because I am FBC’. My answer to him is a big, fat, lunking hug of affection.” -Truman Capote

There you have it. Marriage-day quotes for couples a very happy married life. So give away marriage day quotes and have some fun! Stay together and enjoy!

“You can only find love in the company of others who love you back.” -RC Bach

“A life spent on Twitter may not be life lived. A life spent on Instagram may not be life lived. And a life spent on Facebook may not be life lived.” -Truman Capote in his famous photography session “Photography As Life” (c2007) – via the world marriage images Instagram status

“A word of warning: Don’t use the #hashtag until you’re both sure you both like it. And then only post when you’re both sure. If not, just stop. If one of you posts a hashtag that you don’t like, AND the other person likes it, then he/she has committed adultery and should be treated with patience and contempt.” -LC Anderson in her famous book “Fires in the Heart” (2021).

The most popular happy world marriage messages and quotes are those that encourage commitment, love, trust, honesty, respect, and appreciation. The messages that have the most impact are those that are most sincere, truthful and true to the individual receiving the message. They are the kind that make people pause and think and if they are from a trustworthy source such as a trusted friend, then even more so. Happy world marriage day messages and quotes that fall into this category are those where the sentiment is for the whole marriage, not just for the marriage day. An example of this would be a quote like “Marriage is a journey, not a destination”.

In The End

There are many ways to share happy messages and funny quotes jokes, all of which can spark the fire of a new marriage. However, one of the easiest ways is to make and share your very own Instagram status. This is because it allows you to showcase exactly what your personality is like, and also share the images that are from inside your heart and life. For instance, an image of you and your spouse at the park can be turned into a cute and funny photo that can be put onto an Instagram account. Many people who post funny quotes on Instagram get very good responses and this can also happen if you use an image that is not too explicit. Once you post an Instagram status on the birthday of your spouse, there will be many years for this to be seen by countless people and this is yet another great reason to share what you have to say about marriage.

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