Powerful Prayers To Ask God For A Lasting Marriage

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Use these prayers to ask God for a lasting marriage. These prayers will help you communicate with God and build an intimate relationship with Him. By praying these powerful prayers, you can learn to talk with God about what you want in your marriage and receive answers to your prayers.

Pray For A Loving And Trusting Marriage

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God is the Author of Marriage. He knows what is best for your marriage, so you should never have to wonder why things are not working out or why you can’t trust your spouse. Ask God to help your relationship by showing you how to love and respect each other unconditionally.

Pray That God Will Change Anything In Your Marriage That Needs Changing

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Praying about a problem can make it seem more real than when we talk about it every day with our spouse. Praying for God to change something in your marriage can help you see the problems more clearly and give you a fresh perspective on what needs to be changed.

Ask God To Help You Love Each Other Unconditionally  

Sometimes our marriages are so strained that we don’t know how to talk with each other about anything without getting angry or upset, but by asking God for His unconditional love, He will guide us through any difficult situations in your marriage.

Ask God To Show You Ways Of Loving And Respecting Each Other  

We all want to be loved and respected by our spouses, but many of us don’t know how to do that in a way that will last throughout the years. Ask God for ways you can show love and respect to each other every day without it becoming routine or boring. You’ll learn what works best for you as a couple when you pray this prayer together.

Pray For Understanding Between You Two

 Pray for understanding between you two about building an intimate relationship with God together as husband and wife. As a married couple, we need to have conversations about how we can become closer to God. Praying for the Lord to help you and your spouse learn more about Him together will make it easier for you to talk with each other about spiritual things, which is vital in any marriage.

Ask God To Protect Your Marriage From Outside Influences

Many of us struggle with the temptation of giving in to temptations that come our way during difficult times in our marriages. When we pray this prayer together, asking God to guard our relationship against all attractions, He will give us strength so we don’t have to give in to those temptations.

Ask God To Help You And Your Spouse Make The Best Decisions

It includes the decisions about the things that matter most to you as a couple, such as money, family and children, careers, and other vital issues. God wants us to make good decisions for our families and ourselves even when we don’t always feel like it. Praying this prayer together will give you both strengths so that you can take care of yourself first before taking care of each other by making good decisions for yourselves without becoming discouraged or hurt by one another’s choices.

Summing Up

This prayer is an excellent way to strengthen your marriage. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in or where you are in your relationship with God, and this prayer will help you and your spouse become closer to Him by strengthening the bonds between you two as husband and wife.

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