Marriage – The Commitment Of Two People Towards Each Other Throughout Their Lives


The thing we are going to describe in detail in this article is marriage. We also identify it as matrimony or wedlock. Culturally it is recognized as a union between two people who are called spouses. It is the medium of the establishment of obligations and rights between the two people who are identified as spouses. The definition of marriage varies based on which culture or religion a person belongs to. The only common thing about the meanings in the different religions is that it is considered as an institution of sanctioning or acknowledging personal relationships between two-person specifically sexual. The ceremony in which two people are getting married is called a wedding. The different reasons that lead two people to get married include sexual attractiveness, social reasons, personal choice, family choice, cultural reasons, spiritual reasons, financial reasons, emotional reasons, gender preferences, and many more.

Quotes Of Marriage

  • Marriage quotes are a wonderful way to express the love and affection of spouses towards each other. These quotes give the best feeling and also let the other person know how much you care about them. They let the two people uniquely express each other’s feelings and make each other feel special. The essential thing that a person should keep in mind while writing a marriage quote is the sincerity and the way the quote is being delivered to the other person. It is not a hard job to deliver a wedding quote; it is just that the other person should know from the way you deliver how much you love them.
  • The only two times when a man opens a car door for a woman is when either the car is new, or he is newly married.
  • Marriage for a man is not just about getting the girl he wants but also flexing in front of his friends that he got the girl everyone wanted.
  • When a husband and wife are together, they may be fighting over many disagreements, but one thing they should never disagree on is to never give up.
  • The best thing that has ever happened to me is falling in love with this person next to me.
  • Marriage is not only the legal form of having sex but also the commitment of not having sex with anyone else.
  • A happy marriage is like an ever-going talk between two people that always seem together and find reasons to be with each other.
  • Do you know the secret of a happy marriage? It is finding the right person.



The marriage- it’s always not about the age; it’s always about finding the right person with whom you can share anything. A happy marriage is the alliance of two good forgivers. Nothing can take place when a marriage works in this world.

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