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Everyone is familiar to the saying “happily ever after”. But trust me, marriage always isn’t a piece of chocolate cake, there’s actually a lot to put in behind making this saying successful one. There are actually no particular written rules that are to be followed by every couple to have a happy and healthy married life. Why? Because what works for one, may not work for another. It all depends upon the couple itself.

A happy marriage requires subtlety, communication, interaction, trust and love. Both partners need to work constantly in making their married life a successful one. So here are few marriage advises or tips that every happy couple follow to make their marriage a successful one. 


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Just like every other relationships, marital life also have ups and downs. Argument is normal in every married life, but one should always remember that in a happy marriage both the partners should listen to each other and come to a conclusion. So, if both of the spouses argue and are going through a rough patch that does not necessarily mean that they are into a toxic relationship or are in a unhappy marriage.


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Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to make the marriage a successful and blissful one, both the partners have to accept each other’s strength as well as weaknesses. But make sure, one should not focus only on the weaknesses as it will sour the relationship. Always focus on the strength and try to work on the weaknesses.


Life can be really stressful sometimes. Happy couples in their marriages have an ease around each other and find their own small way of making their relationship healthy and blissful. Watching a comedy movie together or cracking some inside jokes or by cherishing some funny moments together, can surely make the bond more cherishable and strong.


The most important thing in a healthy relationship that both the partners should respect each other and should also understand well. If one is judgmental it usually ends in defensiveness and resentment. So in order to go on with a happy marriage and to keep everything sorted, one should not attack the other partner’s character especially when they are upset. Just be kind, be polite to one another.


People usually forget to appreciate for each and every small, little effort of one another. Instead of poking each other one should start appreciating for every little positive sides of the other partner.


There is no written down rules or steps to stay happy, blissful and charismatic in your relationship after marriage. All you need to do is to take every small possible initiative in order to make your partner happy. Always have the zing in your marital relationship. One should always remember that the secret of a happy couple in a happy marriage lies within yourself. Celebrate each small precious moments, appreciate every small things about your partner, encourage your partner in their field, communicate, love and trust your partner and you are good to go.

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