Marriage Advice for a New Couple

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So you have finally managed to get married to a girl of your dreams? You must be thrilled at the future prospects with your wife-to-be. Of course, you are very excited and hope to hit it off immediately with your partner. Your first impressions of each other are good and you find each other smart, attractive and interesting. But before you go on ahead; there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you don’t screw up the relationship right in the beginning. There are some common mistakes people make often because they are unsure about how to behave or just get carried away. Here is some useful marriage advice for you.

Do not talk about vulgar stuff all the time when your bond is still new

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You should concentrate more on knowing each other well and sharing information about each other’s families, hobbies and passions in the first few months. Sex is always in the back of the mind and there is nothing wrong about it but you should know when to proceed with intimate talks. First few months definitely not the right time to get too candid about your sexual interests. Your girlfriend might tag you as too desperate or even bad mouth your character in front of his other friends.

Dress up Well


Remember the saying, ‘First impression is the last impression!’ It is important to dress up well to show your partner that you put in effort to impress her. It also helps you cast a good reputation on your girlfriend. Do not wear anything too shabby and at the same time, do not wear something that you are not comfortable in. just like revealing clothes might give wrong signals to guys and they might even reject you, similarly, off-trend clothes may put off your girlfriend. Wear smart and trendy clothes. Ensure that you smell good and are quite presentable. Do not wear too much perfume. Use a good deodorant as you would definitely not want your date to run away smelling your under arms.

Talk sensibly

If you think boasting and bragging about your riches and accomplishments can get your girl hooked to you then you are wrong. Talk about yourself and be completely natural. Be kind to the waiter when going out for dates and show your good manners in the restaurant. First date is always about noticing these small things about each other. Do not give yourself away in these gestures. 

Do not bad-mouth your past relationships

Speaking ill about your past dates creates a bad impression on your new girl. She might feel uncomfortable thinking that you might do the same with her. But also, if your girl asks you about your past relationships, admit truthfully all that was ever there.

Remember, the most important aspect of any relationship is honesty. Be honest about your past, future aspirations and present opinions. You cannot woo anyone under a false façade for long. Just be yourself and let’s see what luck has in store for you!

If you keep this marriage advice in mind, you are sure to hit it off well with your partner. A relationship that has a strong beginning has better chances of getting ahead for long or perhaps forever. Give respect to your partner and treat her like a lady. She should feel celebrated and respected in every moment you spend with her. She will reciprocate in the same way then.

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