Marriage Advice For A Healthy Relationship

Marriage Advice For A Healthy Relationship

Marriage advice? There’s no secret formula to a healthy marriage. Not in the way people think a secret formula is something magical and fantastical. There’s no all sun and no rain in a strong relationship, either. But often, we tend to forget these because of the routine of our new every-day lives with our significant other. 

That said, you can change this and strengthen your marriage even more with these basic principles below. 

Marriage Advice And Tips

The Value Of Communication 

We know, we know. You’re already rolling your eyeballs at the sight of this word. The reason why “communication” is on this list is that it’s the simplest way to go and yet is taken for granted the most. 

Create Constant Conversations

Proactively create conversations with your hubby. That, and proactively let your tone be… loving and sweet. Don’t simply throw your words around even if you’re just asking what he or she wants for breakfast. Say your words with care and yes, with a smile. 

When apart, communicating through chatting, calling, and video messaging is a plus, too. Share photos, even of mundane things, to make the other feel as though he or she is right there with you. 

Please, And Thank You 

We’re going back to basic etiquette. Married couples tend to be comfortable with each other. Be polite. Say please and thank you. If you’re polite and respectful to your work boss, why shouldn’t you be, with the man or woman you married and are spending your life with? 

Be Open And Honest

Marriage Advice For A Healthy Relationship

Let your beau into your life by practicing openness and honesty. This includes things that may be slightly embarrassing to you. Maybe bizarre and quirky. Whatever it is, proactively share them with each other. 

Encouragement, Not Discouragement 

Never put your better half down. Always do your best to be a source of encouragement, to uplift and inspire your sweetheart. Whether it’s sitting them down for a conversation about that job they didn’t get at work, or simple chats and puns via chat to keep them smiling through the day’s traffic jam, there are a million ways out there. All need to do is start practicing them. 

More Marriage Advice: A Bit Of Quirky Fun

Dress To Impress 

For some, this tip may seem ridiculous because of the “he or she should accept the way I look no matter what.” This is true and is irrefutable. On the other hand, the way you dress sends indirect signals to your lovey that might make both of you not care enough any longer. For a meeting at the office, you dress up for work. For that birthday you’ve been invited to, you choose the best cocktail dress you’ve got. 

Show your beloved that they mean so much to you, you want to be the best you, and to LOOK the best you, that you can, even if the two of you are at home, Netflixing and chilling. 

Have Date Nights 

Marriage Advice For A Healthy Relationship

Now, this isn’t limited to a date… at night… at some restaurant somewhere. Although this is a good choice. A night out is a way to really have time together and enjoy each other’s company without the stress of work and household chores. 

Alternately, if you and your boo aren’t going-out people, then make your nights and weekends special. Once in a while, have a game night. And we don’t mean “playing” when you’re in bed together. That’’s your choice too, but that’s different. 

We mean actually having games such as Twister, cards, drinking games, and whatnot. There’s nothing like having fits of laughter together over something so light and silly. Or whatever it is you’re both into— driving, jamming with music, karaoke, drinking, you name it. Plan movie date (in a cinema or in your room) complete with popcorn, drinks, and a bit of dressing up. 

Marriage Advice: Start Now!

With these tips, the keywords are “proactive”, “continuous”, and “consistent.” It won’t work if you follow a tip for a day. You have to be proactive not only in carrying them out but in ensuring your let them be a part of your lifestyle with your honeybunch. It might feel like an exam, at first. Like you’re testing yourself to do your best.

Then again, that’s a good feeling. Why? Because it’ll mean that you’ll be putting your best foot forward for your significant other every single time. 

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