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Do you fail to organize your suitcase whenever packing? You can use these clear boxes to organize your cupboard, your suitcase or even use this to store items in your house. These boxes can be great for gift purposes as well. You can decorate the box according to your own wish and creativity. It serves multiple purposes and is very useful. It saves a lot of space, more than you can even think. It is sustainable, prevents pollution, saves cost and space. The best part is, they are waterproof. Plastic storage boxes are great for food items storage and sanitation, especially if they are available with secure lids that may help to stay foods fresh, pest-free and spill-free. Plastic storage boxes help with organization, as they permit you to simply view the things inside and thus, diminish the requirement for labelling. You will even get them in color, in order that if you would like, you’ll be able to do some color coding and store like items consistent with the code.

Clear Boxes For Packaging

Plastic storage boxes are quite durable and that they are known to be able to foot-dragging well against extreme external conditions likewise because of the usual indoor conditions. Those fabricated from solid polyethylene are especially sturdy. They repel chemicals and moisture moreover. Plastic storage boxes are pretty lightweight and easy to carry. Plastic storage boxes are cheaper and more versatile than many other storage materials, like those manufactured from wood, glass, and metal. Since they’re really easy to mass produce, they’re cheaper on the market, therefore the cost is relative to other characteristics just like the size, weight, height, plastic type and features of the boxes.

Find out why should you buy Clear Boxes For Packaging.


  • Number of Pcs 50pcs
  • Model Number H379-50
  • Occasion Mother’s Day
  • is_customized No
  • color clear
  • size1 4x4x4cm/5x5x5cm/6x6x6cm/7x7x7cm/8x8x8cm
  • Material PVC
  • use Wedding & Engagement,Wedding
  • name Butterfly Flower romantic Candy Boxes
  • 1 Gift Bags
  • Pattern Waterproof Gift Box
  • name1 romantic Candy Boxes
  • name2 jewelry/Candy/toys
  • 2 Square Plastic Clear PVC Boxes
A plastic bag


  • It has an anti-scratch layer, which is perfect for gift boxes and packaging 
  • Contents can be easily found because it is transparent
  • It is lightweight 
  • It is durable
  • You can freely decorate the box
  • Cheaper and more versatile


  • Poly boxes can store and retain acidity and don’t contain buffering agents to counteract acidity.
  • Not many varieties of designs are available 
  • If RH level is high within the micro-climate, risks intensify.
  • Larger size poly boxes don’t seem to be made or sold for preservation purposes and should contain additives that are potentially harmful for artifact preservation. 


When considering plastic storage boxes, try to appear for polypropylene or polyethylene. Both of those plastics are tested as safe in conservators. In the long run, plastic containers are a more convenient and cheaper option. thanks to several functionalities, plastic packaging serves in several ways in modern lives. It also can protect food from humidity, gases, microorganisms, insects, contamination and is lightweight.

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