Living As a Married Couple

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Marriages are based on the idea of two people who share an emotional bond and choose to become married for the rest of their lives. To put it simply, marriage is a contract between two people who pledge their love and devotion to each other through formal legal proceedings. In ancient times, a married couple was a familial group that was considered part of one family. In these times, marriage was not seen as a cultural norm, and it was not considered a societal responsibility. Although, in modern times, this has greatly changed, and marriage is now seen as a social duty. Although, this does not mean that traditional marriage is no longer practiced.

A married couple, under common law marriage, is a married couple who is technically yet legally not married. A married woman who married her first husband was known as a widow, while a married man who married his first wife was known as a widower. Nowadays, the plural is married but rather is commonly capitalized. It is not uncommon to see married couples living together. This practice, however, is not allowed by most states in America.

Married Couple

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There is much similarity between married couples who are living together and those who are legally wed. For instance, a married couple has a set of basic needs which cannot be disregarded. They have a household, child, and financial obligations which each member is required to meet. Both parties to a relationship must also decide on issues such as the duration of the marriage, the name of the married couple, the names of their children, child custody and visitation rights, property distribution, and child support. In the case of a civil wedding celebration, the issue of divorce does not arise. Also, the couple will have a set of agreed-upon wedding attire, and they will have the same choices when it comes to their wedding ceremony music, flowers, and rings.

Many states throughout the United States have differing definitions of what marriage is and what it requires. In many states, only a legal union is recognized. However, in the few states that recognize common law marriage, some variations still exist. Currently, in the states of Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Maryland, Arizona, Idaho, Rhode Island, West Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, and California, a married couple does not need to be individually registered for marriage in order to be considered as one. Additionally, in many states, the ceremony can take place without the involvement of an attorney if the state law does not allow it.

Hybrid System Of Marriage 

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Some states have created hybrid systems of marriage recognition. A hybrid marriage recognition system allows a married couple living together to enjoy all of the rights and responsibilities associated with being married under state law while also enjoying some of the rights and benefits of being married through civil union. Under these hybrid systems, the union is considered as being in a live-in marriage rather than being regarded as one. In other states, a married couple may choose to be considered as one, despite the fact that they reside together. In this case, they would be considered married, but their residency would not be recognized by state law.

In most states, common-law marriage requires that a married couple lives in the same house as their spouse. While there are currently no states that recognize common-law marriages, many view such unions as preferable to divorce. Some individuals have married in one state, only to later get married in another. In these instances, the union would not be considered as a live-in marriage, even though they reside together. It is important to note that each state has its own laws regarding marriage and divorce, including when a person may legally separate from his or her partner.


The term “divorce” is often used interchangeably with “divorce settlement.” A divorce settlement is when the terms of a divorce and marriage are officially settled. Some cases of divorce require the assistance of a lawyer who represents the parties to the lawsuit. In most states, separation agreements will be considered as final divorce resolutions; therefore, a divorcee must agree to the terms before a case can be filed.

Summing Up

Divorces have many negative effects on individuals and their families. For a married couple, divorce can be a painful and expensive ordeal. Divorce can affect children of a broken marriage, impacting their education and emotional well-being. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial that couples who are considering a marriage separation ensure that they are living together as a married couple within the legal parameters of their state.

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