Key To A Successful Marriage – The Fundamental Principles

key to successful marriage

Key to a successful marriage is a very common question, “Is my marriage relationship worth saving?”. Marriage is an unpledged and ordained institution by God, so it ought never be broken or taken for granted. In fact it is the supreme commitment between two people for the duration of their entire lives. We are all imperfect and inherently flawed.

This applies doubly to marriage. One or both of the parties to a marriage may become mentally unstable, with bouts of unhappy moods. One partner may become abusive (physically or emotionally), or possess other undesirable traits such as financial insecurity or addiction. These flaws, if left unchecked, can lead to complete breakdown of the marriage. The only way to ensure successful saving of a marriage is to ensure that these flaws, if unchecked, are not ignored, minimized, or transferred to another partner. Otherwise, the only viable option is to end the marriage.

Maintain Peace and Harmony

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The first key to saving a marriage lies in maintaining harmony within the marriage. If there are any differences of opinion between the couple, it is vital to address them as early as possible. Holding firm to a set of beliefs and principles that you believe in, even if it is unpopular, is essential to your mental and emotional health. There will come a time when your partner will not understand, appreciate, or agree with you. This will create tension within the marriage, leading to the breakdown of the relationship.

There will be some members of your family and community who will attempt to interfere with the key to a successful marriage. They may try to encourage one partner to stray from his/her beliefs and values, or hinder the other partner from making the necessary adjustments. This may ultimately result in the couple leaving the marriage. Such interference is not at all acceptable and must be avoided.

Trust is important

The next key to a successful marriage is to maintain an environment of safety and trust during times of crisis. This is where trust comes into play. It is important to learn to keep your emotions guarded during times of separation. It is equally important to learn to share your feelings and personal issues with your partner. A safe, loving, and supportive environment is the cornerstone of saving a marriage.

Treat each other well

One of the most important issues in any marriage is how each person treats the other. It is important to understand the dynamics of jealousy when one or both partners is feeling jealous. This can be resolved through effective communication. Once this issue has been resolved, communication channels are opened up to help the two partners work through it together. A healthy and productive dialogue is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage.

Communication for the rescue

Being willing to make changes, changing those who are hurt by your behavior, and changing yourself are also keys to successful marriage. One of the biggest reasons why marriages fail is lack of communication. If your relationship is suffering from lack of communication, this is a huge problem and will definitely affect your relationship. The best way to fix this problem is to sit down with your partner, and have an honest and open conversation. Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have in our toolbox for saving a broken marriage. So get out there, and communicate.


When a couple has a strong faith and believes in each other, they both understand the value of unconditional love, and saving a marriage becomes achievable. To save a marriage, each partner must make a conscious decision to not end the marriage and prove that this is indeed the wisest course of action. There must also be genuine affection, and a sincere desire to correct the damage that has been done to the marriage. These differences of opinion will also be addressed during counseling. If there is no hope for fixing the problems with the marriage, one may as well move on to finding happiness elsewhere.

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