Is Marriage Counseling The Answer For A Successful Second Marriage

successful second marriage

But I want to focus on the most important one. And that’s the “understanding”. How do we have an understanding of why a marriage will fail and what can we do to prevent it from happening?

The First Reason

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Successful marriages are so successful is because both parties are happy with the marriage. Most people go into marriage with a very strong idea of what they hope to get out of it. Some people even have pictures of exactly how they want their life to be after the marriage. Some people even have imagined their perfect life in their mind. And, most of them end up being very disappointed when the reality of marriage sinks in.

But when you are in a successful marriage, these are your ideals and pictures of your life – not the actual reality. One of the great things about marriage is that you can change anything in a marriage, if you are willing to work at it. If one of you wants a change in the marriage, then it’s not too hard to change the other one. Because in the real world, your partner would probably agree that they are as happy as you are.

Adapt To Each Other’s Way Of Being

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Another reason why a marriage is successful is that the two people in the marriage are able to adapt to each other’s way of being. In a society where it’s all about you and me, a successful marriage requires that the people in it are able to adjust to the lives of their partners. You have to be open to change. If you’re willing to change your habits a bit in order to be compatible with your partner, then you have made a huge step toward your future happiness.

It’s also important that both people in the marriage are happy. If one person in the marriage is not happy, chances are the marriage will fail. People have to be happy in order to stay together in a marriage. If one person in the marriage is miserable, chances are the marriage won’t last either.

Having a successful second marriage takes a lot of emotional energy. A successful marriage has to require two people to put their emotional energy into it. The marriage has to require two people to work on their problems and love each other despite all obstacles. And most importantly, it has to require that these two people keep each other happy.

Solid Emotional Core

A successful marriage has a solid emotional core. Love is key. Empathy is also important. You need two people who are able to listen to each other’s needs. To have a successful marriage, the spouses have to really want to stay married.


The key to having a successful second marriage is to have a clear understanding of what the marriage is going to involve. Have clear expectations and goals, and have realistic expectations. The marriage isn’t perfect, but it can be made to be successful if you have both a desire to make it work and strong feelings of commitment and love.

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