History of Marriages and Its Types

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Marriages are one of the most common events that happen in people’s lives. Today, marriages are celebrated with large numbers of people in attendance. This used to be a more intimate event, with just close friends and family in attendance. Today, weddings are big business, with many venues to choose from and catering options. The obsession over selecting the perfect venue for the ceremony has led to different types of marriages. There are destination weddings, where couples get married anywhere other than their hometown or where they grew up.

These popular types of marriage started in the 1960s when Hollywood stars would pick exotic locations to host their ceremonies. Marriage equality has also resulted in what some call same-sex unions or same-sex marriages that are legal in some United States jurisdictions. There are also weddings that couples can have at home by themselves or with friends and family present. Although these types of marriages are still popular today, they were most popular during the Victorian era. Couples typically had two kinds of weddings: a public one and a private one (like the modern wedding). They would have a private ceremony for close friends and family, but the wedding party would die off as time passed. The remaining guests were treated to a lavish reception afterward. The most common type of marriage today is one that takes place in a church or other religious center, with a priest or minister presiding over the ceremony. Afterward, many couples have a party at home with close friends and family.

Types of Marriages:

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Technology, such as smartphones and social media has brought about several different types of marriages. One type is the destination wedding where couples get married far from their hometown and invite guests via email or social media to attend the ceremony and reception. 

Same-Gender Marriage:

Same-sex marriages or unions are also becoming more common throughout the United States. Although they were not legal in most regions, there has been a recent push towards legalizing such weddings and states have begun to do so. Also, couples who live together without being married are called common-law husbands or wives. These types of marriages are becoming more popular too, especially in Canada. Some couples decide to marry when one person is terminally ill or when the couple has only a short time left together. Elizabeth Taylor’s last husband was in this category, as he died less than three months after they were married. Many celebrities have opted for this type of wedding, but it is still quite rare among the general population.


Technological advances have made it possible to get married at home with just close friends or family members in attendance. Some people travel to a city or country and get married in the customs of that place, such as wearing traditional outfits or getting married in a castle or other location. They might even follow all of the traditions from that region.

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