Heartwarming Marriage Love Quotes For Newlyweds On The Path To Happily Ever After

marriage love quotes

It’s a tricky thing, finding the right words to express your love. Love makes you vulnerable. The wrong words tend to hurt more than they help. Love is not a word but it’s feeling. Love is not a promise, it’s only a case. Love is not a thing, it only changes the mind of Man. So, today we are going to share some crazy love quotes for inspirational lovers. These love quotes will inspire you, just read them and see the magic.

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

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Love is patient and kind. It will wait until you are happy before it will tell you so. If you tell your love how you really feel, he or she will understand and will try harder to make you happy. If you tell your love you are happy when you are not, he or she will see that as a sign of weakness and try to correct you. Love understands that human relationships are not always perfect and that sometimes disagreements need to be settled using stronger methods than words.

Love Does Not Seek Its Own

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Love is a messenger from the Heart.It is not the result of thinking about how to get more of something you already have. It does not arise through our own analysis of statistics or surveys. Love is a sight seen by the heart and heard by the mind. It is not earned or invented; it comes naturally and instantly when we are in the presence of another person with whom we are connected in a uniquely deep way:Bonds that last, this knowledge passes from one generation to the next – as you learn to love someone deeply.

 Love Does Not Envy, Nor Boast

Love does not envy, nor boast of others’ accomplishments. It remembers the happy moments and the great moments of those who have loved generously, generously showered love on you, and trusted in your ability to understand and meet their needs during difficult times. Love knows that no matter how difficult times seem, if you find joy in the here and now, you will find joy in life forever.

A Life Without Love Is Like A Year Without Summer

A year without love is like a year without summer – at least for me, anyway. This isn’t a metaphor. It’s a very real thing that happens to many people who are content with their lives and content with their partners. There’s a reason why many people find themselves driving themselves crazy trying to find someone who will love them like they love themselves. When you love someone, you naturally feel as if you’ve been given a second life – or perhaps a third, fourth, or fifth.

Final:  Love Is Not Always Showy

Love is not always showy. Sometimes it comes in the form of a thoughtful note left on your doorstep, or a visit from the relative once a year, or a nice big birthday present. Love can also be found in the form of sustained friendship, support and commitment. If these are some of the things that love consists of…then surely it’s worth looking into what makes love tick.

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