Happy Marriage Quotes – How To Be Happy With Your Spouse

happy marriage quotes

“Happy is the married person who sees a real friend in his/her spouse.” Happy is the person who sees a real friend in his/her spouse, and even happier is the person who sees that real friend in his/her spouse. It’s not simply a lack of passion, but rather a lack of friendship that makes happy marriages miserable.

Happy Marriage Quotes

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So what makes happy marriage quotes? Well there are many of them floating around out there. They all have something in common. These are marriage quotes by the best husbands and wives, you know – the ones you grew up with, the ones who are still married, and the ones who are happily married.

If you can find one of these quotes written by someone who isn’t married, it might be a good one to include in your own. Because if they’re truly happy then they’re a better bet to make a lasting marriage, because their marriage is more likely to survive. This will make them a happier quote in your Happy Marriage Quotes collection.

If you can’t find happy marriage quotes written by someone who isn’t married or don’t know a lot of people who are married, there are some books out there. One such book is called Happy Marriage: The Secret by Karen Smith. She has written a book about making relationships work. I can guarantee that her work will have a lot of good advice in it.

List Of Some Happy Marriage Quotes

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Another happy marriage quote I found recently was written by a woman called Betty Friedan. In her book, The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan discusses how mothers and fathers affect their children. She points out that mothers are often more important to their children than fathers are.

I think this is a very good quote to include in your collection. The father is just an older brother. There’s no reason why he should matter more than the mother. If anything, the father’s job is simply to be an example to the young, naive child about what’s right and wrong. But even if the father doesn’t really play a big part in the life of his child, he still has to take care of his family.

Another unhappy quote is by William Stafford. In his book on Success by Henry Little, William Stafford talks about how you don’t need to have material possessions to be successful in life.

If you really want to make your marriage a success, then you need to focus on building relationships and your families together. You need to find out about your partner and learn about the history of the two of you. If you do that, you’ll know how to spend your time together and share your interests. You’ll also have more success.

A happy marriage quote that I always heard years ago comes from a story told by Cleo Jordon. She said that her husband gave her a piece of cake once as a gift. She was surprised and asked what he was thinking about. He replied, “I’m making a new cake for my happy wife.”

Marriage Quotes Are Helpful

What a wonderful thought and statement! If you want to be happy with your spouse, you need to be happy with yourself. Be happy with yourself and your family.

Another happy marriage quote is from a famous writer called Mark Twain. In a letter he wrote to his son, he said that you can always get what you want when you try to get others to give it to you. That seems like a great idea.

The Bottom Line

Though, you must take care of yourself. This is a quote that many of us have learned over the years and are constantly repeating in our own lives.

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