Find The Signs Of A Successful Marriage

signs of a successful marriage

Trust is a huge part for a happy marriage; one that must not be betrayed. When you see these signs of a successful marriage, you should know that it is likely time for your marriage to head towards a more successful future.

Financial Relationships Marriage is not an easy ride when it comes to finances. In fact, it is quite often a struggle between two working couples. Many marriages have difficulties with the finance front and this could be one of the leading signs of a successful marriage. Couples who are both working are prone to having financial problems, which can cause marital dissatisfaction.

Sexual Intimacy

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Lack of Sexual Intimacy Another issue that many marital relations struggle with is sexual intimacy. Some couples are able to have great sex, while others struggle with this. There is nothing wrong with not having great sex. If both partners are committed to making the marriage work, then sexual intimacy should not be a problem. However, lack of sexual intimacy should be a very serious sign of a failing marriage.

Jason Hervey’s books on marriage provide some great advice on how to have a successful relationship. His teachings can benefit any couple. His information has helped countless couples overcome their issues and get happily ever after. If your marriage is struggling, then there is no reason why you should not give it a try with his proven method of improving marital relations.

Financial Problems

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Financial Problems Many couples tend to face financial difficulties when they are married. They begin to argue over money or spend unnecessarily. In many cases, money is used as an excuse for not talking about serious marital problems. Jason offers advice on how to avoid these common marriage problems and how to get the two of you working together to solve them.

Successful Relationships When people strive together in relationships, they enjoy a greater success rate in life. When a couple works together on issues such as saving for the future, education, housing, or health care, they tend to have a stronger relationship than those in relationships where one partner controls all the money and spends it however they want. People tend to be more satisfied with relationships where they are happy and fulfilled. A successful marriage is an oxymoron, because happiness makes us want to be together.

Successful Finances

Successful Finances Many couples struggle because of money problems. One or both may find themselves in debt because of an unexpected expense. When you look at how much money you make each month, it may surprise you that you actually spend more than you earn. This often leads to debt, which has signs of a successful relationship. Jason offers information on how to avoid common marriage troubles such as debt and how to maintain a happy marriage even when you have a lot of debt.

These are just some signs of a successful marriage. There are many more that you can learn. Marriage is a difficult journey, but it is worth it when you see the signs of a successful marriage. You will always feel happier when you are married to your spouse.

Financial Support

Financial Support Marriage does not have to mean a financial nightmare. When you are married, it is easy to fall into debt, especially if you live from paycheck to paycheck. If you have an income that leaves you barely scraping enough money to pay the bills then you will have to work hard to stay afloat. Jason suggests ways to keep your financial situation healthy and happy by encouraging you to save as much money as possible.

He offers ways to save money that include making small changes that you do everyday. For example, instead of eating out every night, cook at home. Small things like this can really add up and provide you with the financial support you need to keep your marriage happy.


You should always seek out the signs of a successful marriage. When you notice one or more of them, you will know that you are headed in the right direction. Do not allow yourself to continue to let your marriage get you down. Do everything you can to keep it healthy. If you do, your marriage will be happier and stronger.

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