Dealing With Arguments In Your Relationship

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Dealing With Arguments In Your Relationship

Dealing with arguments. It’s inevitable to have arguments in relationships. Big issues, small problems, they’re normal. You don’t have to go crazy-ballistic when you have your first few arguments. Everything is fine, and they will be, as long as you handle them the right way. 

Here’s how you can do so, whilst keeping your relationship healthy at the same time. 

Dealing With Arguments: Conflict Resolution 

Couples quarrel and disagree. So, it’s important to come to terms with this fact. There’s no need to go on a panic-spree whenever you and your hubby have these exchanges. They’re a part of relationships. Hence, when you react in the correct manner, they’re excellent learning experiences for both of you. 

So, what should you do? Keep calm, and stop yourself from saying any more than you should. Psychologists have observed that talk whilst feeling agitated emotions gives us less control over what we say. We might end up uttering things that we don’t actually want to. Therefore, halt, take a deep breath, and hold your tongue (metaphorically). 

Now comes the practical to-dos. 

Dealing With Arguments: What To Do When Arguments Arise? 

Dealing With Arguments In Your Relationship

1.  Listen. Stop Talking, And Listen Again

This takes the number one spot because more often than not, we have the tendency to want to “win” an argument. Whether it’s having the most to say, having the last word, you name it. However, those aren’t exactly helpful. They’ll only tighten the tension more, and leave you and your significant other with an unresolved quarrel. 

For this reason, listen to him or her, pour out his or her thoughts and feelings. It’s also important to show that you’re listening. Focus your attention on your boo. Lighten your expression. Stop furrowing your brows. And for goodness sake, relax, stay calm, and remain loving as you hear him or her out. 

2. Only Talk About The Issue At Hand 

If you’re in the habit of digging into past arguments, that’s a big NO right there. Stop that. Don’t. Whatever the issue is at hand, that’s all you should deal with at the moment. No more, no less. 

3. Dealing With Arguments: Learn To Compromise 

Dealing With Arguments In Your Relationship

Here’s where agreeing to disagree steps in. Understand that there will be tons of problems where you won’t meet a hundred percent eye to eye. Again, accept the fact that this is normal. The two of you simply need to put your pride aside and compromise.

It’s okay if you don’t completely agree, but then leave issues behind whenever the lines don’t meet. That’s alright. See things from your lovey-dovey’s eyes and take it in. We’ll repeat it, none of you have to “win” the argument. 

4. When To Leave The Quarrel Be

After talking it out, hearing each other’s opinions, and agreeing to disagree, leave the quarrel be, and say goodbye to it permanently. Make an effort to consistently prevent yourselves from bringing up past issues. Instead, focus on how to strengthen your relationship even more, and do things right together. Start afresh and move forward together. 

5. End The Quarrel Sweetly 

Don’t stop the conversation with voices raised, or flares in your nostrils. Hold each other in an embrace. Kiss your honeybunch, and continue with the rest of the activities of the day. Never go to bed without having talked things through. That said, always go to bed with an exchange of lovings words. 

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