Celebrating Love Forever- A Wedding Saying

wedding sayings

Getting married is the most astounding one-time experience of one’s life. Finally, you get to spend your whole life with someone you imagined with, you dreamt to, and you prayed for. That’s why most people wear engagement rings on their left-hand ring finger because there’s a belief that a vein of the fourth finger of that hand ran directly to the heart. To make the marriage the most successful one, you both need to be understanding towards each other and communicate with each other about everything that is happening in both of your lives. Throughout the marriage, you will have to overcome many challenges. You will grow tired of your partner sometimes, and the other times you will fall in and out of love. Marriage is not always smooth. But true love is not only standing beside each other on the good days; it also means being there for each other on the days when everything is against you. After all, you promised to celebrate love forever on your wedding day.

Abiding The Wedding Sayings Endlessly

On your wedding day, finally, two of the souls become one, and two of the hearts beat as one till eternity. But many couples fail to abide by the oaths they take on their wedding day. Taking promises is easy but following them is a real successful marriage. Being each other’s second self and best earthly companion is what a real victorious marriage is: Journey of two best friends as life partners. The journey with one who was always and will be there in every moment from the start and the one you cannot live without is just more than a journey because this journey turns into a new way of living for both the best friends after getting married to each other. After marriage, both are self-sufficient for each other, or we can say they become everything for each other. It’s not in everybody’s fortune to get the one you live without but. The most interesting fact is that best friends can perfectly understand each other and can also catch the things in which they are imperfect.

Wedding Is Valuable

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Every wedding is valuable in its way, and every person takes it differently but what matters the most is the journey after the wedding. The journey becomes interesting when it comes to two best friends accepting each other as life partners forever, and after death, this bond is very different from all other bonds in the world.

Getting a best friend as the life partner for the rest of your life makes you feel like God has given you the most precious gift, which is more than what we deserve. The word deserves also can’t define its limit as there is no such word that can describe the value of that gift.


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There are plenty of beautiful moments that cherish the journey of one life, but a wedding is that unforgettable moment or memory or a feeling which stays with us forever.

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