Bible Quotes About Marriage

bible quotes about marriage

If you are married and have been thinking about getting back into the relationship with your husband, then I want you to read this article. Specifically I am going to show you how to use a few bible quotes to spark a new love affair in your relationship with your spouse.

The first passage that we will look at is 1 Peter 3:5 which reads as follows; Marriage is honourable as God has honoured me. In other words it states that marriage is honourable only if God has honoured me. God is one who is higher and has more authority on account of his resurrection from the dead.

Therefore, we can conclude that by simply following the instructions of the bible, one can follow in God’s footsteps and get married to an appropriate person of the opposite sex. This means that the bible can actually serve as a big support for marriage!

Song Of Solomon

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Now back to the question “Can bible verses help solve marriage problems?”. Well, according to the book of Hebrews, Deuteronomy, it is God’s commandment to marry and it is stated in the Song of Solomon. It also has been said that the bible was written by the elders of Israel, which supports the idea that the elders of Israel wrote the books of the bible to preserve them and pass them on to the succeeding generations.

Therefore, we can safely assume that the bible is very much reliable and true. Hence, it is advisable that both the husband and wife take their advice seriously before they proceed any further with their marriage.

For the next passage we are going to look at is Romans 7, because this is a very famous book that every Christian must have read at least once in his lifetime. In this passage, Paul the father of the church discusses how having a happy and fulfilling family life is vital to one’s happiness and therefore one should always have children.

Avoid Sexual Relations

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The first thing that he says to do is to avoid sexual relations until after you are married. He then goes on to say that the best way to achieve this is to live together in harmony. These are some very good bible quotes about marriage and family life, although there are a few things that he may have left out.

Firstly, one of the only ways to achieve this is by living together. So how does he come to this? By living together, he says, you will be able to work on your love relationship which is the basis for any healthy marriage. However, this is not easy. It takes two people who have the commitment to make it work.

Another way is to talk to your wife about your situation. If your wife is willing to take the lead in talking about your problems and the things that you want to change, then it may just happen. One of the best bible quotes about marriage can also be said by Job, the father of guides, “Who shall dwell in these waters and let them in? For I am the breath of life.”

There are many bible quotes about marriage, but there is one more that I think is relevant and important. This quote is from Proverbs, the book of wisdom. It says, “Every man who hesitates is taken by the evil one.” What this means is that whenever you hesitate, the devil can easily slip in and take over. So, if you want to prevent the evil from getting into your marriage, then you should always be prepared to act boldly so that the devil cannot get a chance to slip in.

Wrapping Up

As people grow older, they realize that some things are not worth doing. Many people decide to quit a job or stop making payments on their bills so that they can pay more attention to their families. These are actions that they believe will set them apart from everyone else, but it is not always the best decision. If you have been hesitating for a long time to start your family, then I encourage you to look up one of the quotes above, or one of the other great quotes that will inspire you to do what is right.

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