Best Successful Marriage Books To Read Before Getting Married

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Books can make you learn a lot of things before getting married. Marriage is a process of getting together with your life partner, so you have to be prepared for it, and these books may help you a lot. You can even ask your friends for various tips before getting married, but you never know; the tips may not work and may ruin your marriage. Therefore, it is better to take advice from experts better than learning from mistakes that the writers made in their love life and avoid those mistakes. Therefore, we have collected all the information on the internet and came up with the best successful marriage books you should read before getting married to live a happy married life.

Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman

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In this book, the protagonist’s wife speaks a different language, and still, they become e a great couple. In this book, Gary Chapman tells about the five different ways you can take to confess and express your love to your loved ones. These languages include giving gifts, spending quality of time, giving commitments, and physical touch, making you come closer. Chapman has written his book with his past experiences and even gives you a practical approach to knowing your love language.

The Course Of Love By Alain De Botton

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Alain de Botton is a famous fictional writer and has gained popularity for his previous romantic novels. Alain loves to talk about modern relationships and make fictional stories about them. The author tries to express the benefits and side effects both the partners have to face after their marriage. The author highlights that everything changes after marriage; you do not feel the same way for your partner as you did before despite all the issues of maintaining long-term relationships and living a happily married life.

Passionate Marriage By David Schnarch

By the book’s title, you can guess that this talks about sexual life after the marriage. The author, David Schnarch, is sex and marital expert, and in this book, he tries to advise people on how to be passionate even after so many years of marriage. The author has written about the best techniques to satisfy your partner’s sexual and emotional needs even in your old days.

The Conscious Bride By Sheryl Paul

In this book, the author Sheryl talks about the bride’s emotional perspective after the marriage. This book shows various hardships a woman goes through from her in-laws and husbands and gives you various tips to take bold steps to live a peaceful and loving life. The author Sheryl gives practical and experimented advice to women and tells about women’s true feelings when they get married.


The books may help you give guidance about your married life, but you cannot be happy and satisfied if you do not apply the advice in real life. These books can only give you thoughts, so you must change yourself to become the best couple and love your partner forever.

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