Beautiful Wife Quotes Every Man Should Know About Her

beautiful wife quotes

Beautiful Wife Quotes to Spice Up Your Marriage! For many marriages, the idea of being with your wife day in and day out can get old. We all know that as men we want to play the field and have fun. But for a marriage to be perfect, passion needs to be there between the partners. We have all heard that quote by Henry Ford “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus but in that respect, you don’t really need Venus.”

Nowhere is this more true than in the bedroom. Between the sheets our passions or sexual needs dictate what is exchanged between us two. As men, we enjoy a much more exciting love message when we have an intense orgasm, not just the normal “making love” type of love messages. It’s like having the perfect match, and it’s a much better way to create a passionate marital relationship.

I know how you feel. As a husband I was probably never very good at foreplay. When I first got married I used to just rush right into bed and go straight through it. And of course as time went on, the whole world knew that to be unfaithful. The beautiful wife quotes to spice up your marriage show that there is something else that can take the place of those wild and crazy make-up-free foreplay sessions.

The biggest thing that keeps the marriage together is the trust between you and your wife. If you cannot be close enough to each other, the entire sex life between you two will suffer. If you can never get to that point then you need to start doing some serious thinking about what you’re doing that is causing this lack of intimacy in the bedroom. The endeared love messages in here will help you work towards building a better trust in the marriage.

The endearing affection goes beyond the physical side. Women often say that they are more attracted to a man that has a good heart and that they are drawn to a man with a soft spot. You should try to have a better understanding of yourself and where your weak points lie. Sometimes it is hard to find your own inner sweetheart, but that does not mean that you cannot develop one with your wife. She can share with you her vulnerabilities and you can give her advice on how to avoid being hurt by her own insecurities. When you do this the whole romance will begin to blossom again.

Passion comes in very handy when trying to win back a lost love. Women often have a very difficult time expressing their passion for someone. You can show your wife just how much you feel like she is missing out on the excitement by buying her expensive gifts on Valentines Day. The wife card messages that are sent during Valentines Day are even more passionate than the ones sent around the other holidays because women feel like they deserve something special during this Valentines Day.

Summing Up

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Learning how to write a passionate love message is as easy as listening to a motivational speaker. Women like hearing speeches from famous men just to inspire them. You can make your wife feel special by giving her a few romantic quotes to accompany one of your thoughtful letters. The secret to writing a great romantic love message is to take your time when writing it. Spend a lot of time on getting her to know you as a person and then let her sink in with the love you share.

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