A Big Step To Take When Talking About Ending The Relationship

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When I talk about marriage, I always think of my own marriage which I have been married to for almost forty years now. Marriage, also known as matrimony or marriage, is an officially established institution between individuals known as husband and wife. It defines legal responsibilities and rights between them, their children and their dependents, and also between them as individuals and their respective in-laws.

One of the problems is having an uncomfortable marriage conversation. Having an uncomfortable conversation is something that happens all the time in most relationships, not just ones like mine where I am the spouse.

Secrets Between The Partners

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It happens when there are secrets between the partners, when one or both of the partners feels guilty for having a sexual relationship, when one or both of the partners feels ashamed of their sexuality, or even when one or both of the partners has a difficult time trusting the other person with their deepest thoughts and feelings. This uncomfortable dialogue is never easy to have, but it must be done if you want your marriage to work.

If your conversation has been growing more uncomfortable over the years, I know how this can be good for you. You probably feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t trust you anymore and wonders if you are even worth getting close to. He or she might also think that since you are married now, there really isn’t any reason to be intimate with you because you are already so committed to your partner. All of these things are perfectly normal feelings in a relationship, but if they are happening more frequently than your boyfriend or girlfriend notices, it could be a huge problem in your marriage.

Problems In A Relationship

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There are many reasons why couples do not talk about their problems in a relationship. Some of those reasons include fear, embarrassment, confidentiality issues, or lack of communication. However, if we look at the actual numbers, it turns out that more than half of marriages end in divorce because one of the partners did not talk about problems. In fact, talking about anything in particular happens to more marriages ending in divorce than any other reason.

If you have been afraid to open up to talk about certain things, it means you are not even open to talking to your partner about certain issues in your marriage, period! It is a big mistake to assume that just because you are married that your partner will understand or respect your needs and concerns. The fact is, most people simply do not talk about their problems unless they are having a conversation with their best friend or a counselor.


The fact that we are comfortable opening up to our partners but are afraid to do the same to our friends says something about our communication skills. If we want to be an effective communicator in any relationship, it is always a good idea to learn how to listen and respond at the same time. However, most people fail to remember to do either of these two things when they are in a conversation with someone new. Therefore, they never really build strong relationships. And, this can create problems in every relationship.

Fortunately, there are many relationship coaches and marriage counselors out there who can help us with these two important tasks. If you are having problems, it is always a good idea to sit down with your coach/counselor and have an honest and open conversation. It is also a good idea to look for marriage coaches locally.

Marriage Counselors

Marriage counselors are a lot more accessible than marriage coaches. Furthermore, marriage counselors are trained to talk about all sorts of different topics including sex and infidelity. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable talking about sex or infidelity with your coach, he or she probably has the same level of discomfort.

Another big step to take, when talking to your partner about ending the relationship, is to have a heart to heart conversation. You may be feeling as though the conversation is not moving as fast as you would like. In this case, you will want to ask for help.

Final Verdict

In fact, your coach/counselor may be able to offer some insight into what you are facing and how you can make the conversation go much faster. Therefore, if you are ready to talk about ending the relationship, this is the best time to do so.

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