8 Best Ever Islamic Marriage Quotes For A Perfect Muslim Wedding Card

islamic marriage quotes

You must have seen the seriousness around an Islamic wedding. You might be wondering, is getting married such a serious thing? Make use of these Islamic marriage quotes to bring humor to the serious marriage. Islamic wedding, nikah is a contract between a Muslim husband and wife. Both husband and wife play a significant role in making a successful marriage and leading them to Jannah. You must have heard this famous saying, ” A successful marriage is between a deaf husband and a blind wife.” Marriage is a serious decision of your life as you have to live it through your whole life. If there is love between both of you, then every situation, no matter complicated or straightforward, will be easy for you to handle. All these Islamic marriage quotes are going to inspire you to live a happy married life.

Islamic Marriage Quotes For A Perfect Husband

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Every Islamic man should become an ideal Muslim husband to improve and benefit their relationship. You also should know about a perfect Muslim husband. According to Allah, marriage is a bond of mercy and love, but understanding and respect should always be there. You must respect your wife and defend her from every harm. You can also study Sunnah and Qur’an better to understand your responsibilities and rights towards each other. It would be best if you emotionally understood your wife and should support her. The best relation continues when you both are best friends and lovers at the same time. Be her best friend, and follow these Islamic marriage quotes for men.

Our love is for the sake of Allah, so it will never die.

Our relationship will be the most amazing, as we both are best friends and lovers at the same time.

Allah granted me you because he knew that you would hold my hand and take me to Jannah.

I don’t need my mouth to talk to you, and my eyes are enough to understand your inner feelings.

Islamic Marriage Quotes For A Perfect Wife

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If you want to be a successful Islamic wife, always show respect, affection, and love to your husband. Enjoy each other’s company and strengthen your bond with respect and trust to live a loving life. It would be best to share your feelings and thoughts openly with your husband and always communicate your expectations with him. For a happy partnership, a good friendship is still necessary. You both should have fun and try new things together. Both of you will also have arguments in certain situations, and every marriage has these arguments. But you should try to be calm and argue gently. You both should enjoy and flirt with each other to make your relationship funny and understanding. Read these Islamic marriage quotes for women to have a perfect relationship.

The best of mine is the best for you, my husband.

You and I are forever and ever, InshaAllah.

I would love to step into paradise with you.

I will pray to Allah to see you twice, once here and then in paradise.


Follow these tips and Islamic marriage quotes, and indeed after some years, you will be thankful that you followed them

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