4 Striking Out Struggling Marriage Quotes That Can Save Your Marriage

struggling marriage quotes

Are you looking for some help on how to save your struggling marriage? Many couples go through the same thing, wondering why this wonderful relationship they have is teetering on the cliff of divorce. They sit down and try to work through things with their partners, but often give up in the end. You can take a look at some of the most popular struggling marriage quotes and get a clearer idea about how to save your marriage. Once you know what the common problems are that you are facing, you will be better equipped to handle it yourself.

The first of our two most helpful troubled marriage quotes is: “Happy are those who forget their enemies. Those who remember their enemies perish.” Sounds like something you should say or maybe read when you are struggling with a relationship that seems to be slipping away. When you use these quotes and really consider them, though, you will realize that this is really an excellent aphorism for preventing a fight from starting. Once you remind yourself of this, though, you will notice that the fight goes away and it is not long before it happens again.

Another of our two most inspiring, troubled marriage quotes is: “ignite the spark that still remains in you.” What is that? Is that a possible reframing of what you believe to be true? This is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming quotes available and if you want your marriage to be happier and more successful, you will be encouraged to keep reading.

The third of our top three most inspiring, troubled love quotes is: “ignite the spark that still remains in you.” Now, you might be wondering what this means and why it is good advice to keep reminding yourself of it every day. Sometimes, bad news travels by word of mouth and it has certainly come to light that negative thinking can have very negative consequences. If you are like most people in today’s society, you tend to think negatively about almost everything.

Unhappy marriages are far from an anomaly. They are, in fact, the norm. People who are unhappy in their marriages are unhappy for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are perfectly legitimate, while others are completely avoidable if you want to make your relationship work. Fortunately, when you have these inspiring troubled love quotes at your side, you will be able to take heart in the fact that there is a solution out there, even if it takes some work on your part.

The third of our list of inspiring quotes is: “learn from your mistakes and make no new ones.” This is a very good piece of advice and if you read the quote, you will understand why this is important. Nobody is going to help you through your troubled marriage unless you make mistakes; the mistake should be yours.

Last Words

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These four great marriage quotes are just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are actually many other helpful pieces of advice. One thing you may notice is that all of these quotes are couched in positive language. If you want to save your marriage, you should be using words that are going to create a positive mood in the marriage instead of negative or doom-and gloom. Couple your marriage with the right marriage tips and you will find yourself with a much better relationship than you thought possible.

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