3 Marriage Quotes Anniversary Messages To Celebrate Your Love

Marriage Quotes Anniversary

The day you said “I do,” you sealed your fate to be with that person that you’ve chosen to say your wedding vows to. And you have to celebrate every year that you get to celebrate that special day. When greeting your spouse, you might be wondering what the best way to do it would be and here come the marriage quotes anniversary messages that you can use.

Wedding anniversary quotes can be a good opening in your greeting card for your loved one. You can also use these marriage quotes as a reminder of how great you’ve got it going right now, having reached another milestone in your married life. Here are three marriage quotes anniversary greetings you can use:

Marriage Quotes Anniversary Holding On
Marriage Quotes Anniversary Holding On

1. “Real Love Stories Never Have Endings.”

American author Richard Bach wrote this, probably with the ever romantic view of how pure love stories should be a lifetime commitment from the day you say “I do” up to your last breath. Isn’t this the ideal goal when it comes to marriage?

This is also the reason why they say marriage takes work, and so is choosing to fall in love with your spouse every waking day. There are going to be trials and obstacles to overcome, but if you keep circling back to why you fell in love and chose to tie the knot with your spouse, you will be reminded why you started this love story in the first place.

2. “The Best Thing To Hold Onto In Life Is Each Other.”

This is what Audrey Hepburn had to say about couples. Your spouse is supposed to be your partner in weathering life, even at times when you think the relationship is falling apart.

When times get rough, always remember that problems are temporary. Don’t end things just because of issues that may resolve themselves after a day or two, issues that you can work on together.

Another motivation to hold onto each other is to remember why you got together with your spouse. Think about this when the lust and passion have died down. Now, all you’re left with is the companionship. You can always light the fire of passion by going on dates, planning an adventure, and just staying flirty. Introduce some exciting factors into your married life and remain steadfast in sticking with each other.

Because of the depth of intimacy that you share with your spouse, they are likely the first person you think of when you’re in a tough spot. Amid your growing panic after being confronted with a crisis, your mind might wander off to how your spouse would have handled the problem. Even if you think they can’t take it, it’s already a relief thinking about how you’ll share the issue with your spouse, and you’ll dissect it together to find a solution. This is what partners are for.

3. “Grow Old With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be.”

Marriage Quotes Anniversary On Growing Old
Marriage Quotes Anniversary On Growing Old

How is that for a grand promise for your married life on your anniversary? Robert Browning put all these good thoughts into words. Now, you can use these very words to make this golden promise to your spouse, too.

Don’t just celebrate your milestone on your wedding anniversary. Celebrate the idea, too, that you will also have the best years of your life together in the future.

Use these marriage quotes anniversary messages to show your spouse why you’re in this relationship together. Reflect on the time that has passed and look forward to the next anniversaries to come.

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